Here are some examples of the works accomplished by Pakila Work Centre.

Restoration of an old oak cabinet of Ateneum

Pakila Work Centre restored an old oak cabinet made in 1889. The cabinet was one of the few remained original pieces of furniture of the Ateneum, Finnish State Museum of Arts. The cabinet is three meters high and four meters wide.

Central Art Archives had acquired the cabinet from the storage of Ateneum and the restoration was done in Pakila Work Centre using the old materials and methods. The restoration was finished in 2009.

Finlandia House

Pakila Work Centre has renovated seats of the Finlandia House, the famous conference house that hosts important conferences and concerts.

Other references

Pakila Work Centre has repaired and restored furniture of many public institutions, for example the Porthania building of the University of Helsinki, the festive hall of the Workers' Institute and the Swedish Adult Education Centre (Arbis) of Helsinki.