Pakila Work Center

Pakila Work Center is a work rehabilitation unit operating under the City of Helsinki Social Services Department. The center offers a wide range of productive work in addition to rehabilitative employment services. Pakila Work Center specializes in manufacturing, refurbishing and recycling of furniture. Production is divided into woodwork, metalwork, paint shop and upholstery departments. In addition, Pakila Work Center transports furniture to customers, sells refurbished products, and ensures the well being of employees by serving lunch and maintenance of buildings.

Pakila Work Center is a daily workplace for about a hundred people. The employee structure consists of people employed in accordance with the Social Welfare Act, rehabilitated persons, professional and other trainees and try-outs. All work is directed and supervised by qualified supervisors. The products prepared and refurbished in Pakila Work Center are high quality and hand-made as far as possible. All operations follow humanitarian, ecological and sustainable development principles.