Production of the Pakila Work Center takes place in four sections, which are woodworks, paintery, metal works and upholstery. In addition, there are kitchen and furniture storage.

The woodworks makes new furniture and repairs old pieces of furniture. The section provides also advise regarding furniture refurbishing. The section produces around 7000 new pieces of furniture per year and employs from 35 to 40 workers.

Metal works
The metal works repair and manufacture the metal parts of the furniture. It also takes care of the building management tasks of the Work Center building.

Paintery takes care of the surface finishing of the furniture. Stainings, paintings and varnishings are made here using as well sprayer painting as more traditional techniques. The paintery has a crew of around 15 workers and processes from 6000 to 7000 pieces of furniture per year.

In upholstery, the refurbished furniture gets reupholstered. That means improving the furniture by installing a new environment friendly stuffing and a new cover material, which can be textile or leather. The upholstery processes e.g. office chairs, armchairs, sofas and vehicle seats.

Furniture storage and transports
Furniture storage takes care of selling, transporting and storaging of furniture.The storage offers a wide range of furniture, from those for offices, schools and kindergartens to chairs, sofas, beds, closets and lockers among others.

The work center has its own kitchen that offers tasty food for the crew of the house. The offerings include warm meals, salads and desserts, not to forget coffee that makes workers to gather for a refreshment.